Friday, August 10, 2012

Hormones, Hormones, Hormones

"We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are." ~ Anais Nin

Dear Young Living Friends: Joy to you!

Lately, I noticed myself a bit more foggy than usual. Thinking maybe it is our extreme heat. Then I recalled in a consultation several years ago, with Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, author of "Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils" and "Ultimate Balance Infusing the Vibrational Energy of Essential Oils into Chakras, Meridians and Organs", her mentioning this can be related to hormones. Thinking to myself I no longer have my periods why would this be an issue. Well the fact my periods have stopped several years ago, maybe I do need to look deeper.

I decided to look up Dr. LeAnne again to discover she has a wonderful eBook called "Taming the Dragon Within".

After reading this book it all made perfect sense and gave me a renewed perspective. Dr. LeAnne shares wonderful detailed information about how the endocrine system and hormones works and how you can find great support with Nature's Living Energy, Young Living's Essential Oils. This book is packed with loads of education and it is a very quick and easy read.

I immediately began using the essential oils suggested to support my pituitary, adrenals and thyroid. And what a huge difference it made in just a few short days. I highly recommend every woman (and man!) read this book! Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff's eBook "Taming the Dragon Within" costs only $6.57 it is well worth the read and investment to your health, well-being and hormones. You can purchase here Taming the Dragon Within. I also invite you to have a consultation with her to offer you an in-depth insight to your own personal situation. She is super talented and highly intuitive. If you do consult with just inform her I referred you.

Additionally, I recently used my last remaining drops of Brain Power, an essential oil blend which encourages and opens up physical and mental energy. It elevates greater clarity of thought and focus, and can deepen one’s spiritual connections. High in sesquiterpenes it helps increase the activity of the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands to support the overall function of the growth hormone and melatonin. For the entire month of August you can receive 10% off Brain Power. I included this one in my monthly Essential Rewards which should arrive today!

Here's the link to the Monthly August Promotions. To learn more about Nature's Living Energy or ordering go to MyVibrantEssence. You may also contact my directly HERE.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and / or feedback.

Thank you.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

COOL down today with Peppermint Essential Oil

It's is going to be a HOT one today!
Remember to COOL down with Young Living's Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Oil.

Place couple of drops in your palms, rub together and place on back of neck, top of forehead, temples (avoid eye contact) or massage in scalp, then just inhale cupped hands.
Inhaling Young Living's Therapeutic Grade Peppermint Oil can also help to improve concentration, elevate energy and alertness. Add a drop to water, herbal tea or massage several drops on the abdomen to assist normal digestion.

For optimum results use High Quality Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Have a wonderful day!

Warm Blessings & Good Energy.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Prophecy Whose Time Has Come

"Reprinted from The Raindrop Messenger, a free eline newsletter, with permission from Dr. David Stewart. To subscribe or download back issues, visit the archives at"

Fragrant Blessing,
Adrianne M. Rowe

A Prophecy Whose Time Has Come
by David Stewart

". . .Sooner or later, all synthetic drugs and antibiotics become ineffective or lethal and have to be discontinued. . . Patented medicines are all unnatural, composed of molecules never before existing on planet earth. Our bodies were not made to utilize, metabolize, and eliminate such substances. This is why all pharmaceuticals, without exception, have negative side effects.

"By contrast, properly administered natural products, such as essential oils, have little or no untoward side effects. They can be taken into the body and utilized, metabolized, and eliminated when they have completed their healing mission. The majority of side effects from oils and natural products, if any, are unexpected good ones. . .


". . .Allopathic medicines (antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, and synthetic drugs) all eventually become ineffective and obsolete, requiring that drug companies engage in endless research to find the next prescription to replace the antiquated ones. Modern Medicine is based on a flawed paradigm employing pharmaceuticals of only transient value.

"Wholistic natural medicine, including essential oils, addresses root causes from the quantum behavior of electrons, to the intelligence of the cells, to the human mind and spirit. True and permanent healing can occur when the right environment of balance in body, mind, and soul have been established. Furthermore, the medicines of nature, which include herbs and essential oils, will never become ineffective. Their therapeutic, Divinely created properties are forever. Wholistic medicine, incorporating essential oils, is based on a more incompassing paradigm of permanent value. . .

". . .it is inevitable that allopathic medicine, as we know it today, will eventually shrink into a very minor part of the health care system, dealing only with traumas, crises, and acute situations, while true health care, true healing, and true regimens of wellness will come from the concepts of natural medicine using plants and other natural substances as God made them and intended them for our benefit. . .

". . . future health care will not primarily be allopathic in its approach. It will be wholistic and natural and essential oils will be a fundamental and principal element of the new system. Drug-based medicine, as practiced today, is eventually doomed to disappear because it is based on transient medicines and a flawed paradigm. . . It's fall Was Predictable and Inevitable From the Beginning.

". . .The birth and labor of a new and better system is already well underway and progressing well. All of you who are educating yourselves in oils, herbs, nutrition, healthy life styles, and natural health care solutions are the midwives of the new system."

NOTE: The information in this newsletter is intended for education purposes only. It is not provided in order to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, illness, or injured condition of the body or mind. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness, or injury should consult with a physician or other appropriate licensed health care professional.

Editor's Note: The comments above were published almost five years ago in the Sept-Oct issue of The Raindrop Messenger, Vol 5. No. 5 in an article entitled: "The Transience of Drugs and Permanence of Oils." You can access the full article by visiting and clicking on "Newsletter Archives" on the home page. We have always known that current medical practices cannot endure indefinitely, but had thought the end of medicine as we know it would not come during our life time. However, as the following article by Jeremy Laurance (given below) will attest, the time for a drastic shift in medical practice is apparently now. More than 25 years ago, Robert Mendelsohn, MD, made this prediction in his book entitled, "Confessions of a Medical Heritic" (published in 1985). He said, "Antibiotics, other pharmaceuticals, and much of what physicians practice today will some day become obsolete and ineffective. When that happens, the medical establishment will fall like a house of cards."

Where and How to Obtain Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

If you are a Young Living Essential Oils Distributor or a Young Living Customer, you have chosen to avail yourself of the world’s finest oils of Biblical grade quality. If You are not a YL Member and have a friend or relative who is, you should approach them and ask how you can become affiliated with Young Living and purchase these oils.

You cannot practice therapeutic aromatherapy with healing results unless you use properly produced and packaged oils. Most oils easily available from retail outlets are food or perfume grade oils and do not have the healing properties that Young Living oils possess.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lavender to the Rescue!

I dedicate today as my Lavender Day! Maybe the universe is telling me to relax more? What do you think?

This past weekend was fun-filled with a couple outdoor parties. My son showed sensitivity, most likely to the pollen, at the end of each day with red itchy puffed eyes. Even this morning he had a slight itchiness.

I took out my Therapeutic Grade Lavender Essential Oil, sprinkled a drop on my palm, stroked a little along his eyebrows and along the bridge of his nose. Within 10-15 minutes all symptoms were completely gone. One of my son's friend of had the same thing happen yesterday and shared this technique with his mom and had same outcome. It was that simple! I LOVE the fact I have access to a natural non-toxic product as part of my first-aid.

Today I am nursing a minor burn on my arm with lavender essential. My arm accidentally touched a very HOT pot (OUCHY!) this morning.

Lavender essential oil is quite universal with so many uses. Commonly known for its soothing, calming, and relaxing benefits. It may help with host of other things such as: arthritis, asthma, and bronchitis. It is great for cleansing cuts, bruises, burns (cell renewal), sunburns (including lips), dandruff, hair loss, allergies, menopause, premenstrual conditions, scarring (minimizes), skin conditions (acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and rashes), stretch marks and more.  

To learn how you can create your own Natural Healing Cabinet you may email me or sign up for my FREE Newsletter here.

Have a wonderful day!

Fragrant Blessings,

Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely. Suggested uses apply only to use of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Remove Black Tar from clothing

Did you know there is a safe and effective way to remove Black Tar from clothing?
Recently while cleaning up outdoors, I accidentally got Black Tar, you know the kind you use on macadam driveways, on my warmest fleece gloves. These are one of my favorite fleece gloves. I was so disappointed.
Then I remembered my wonderful Young Living Essential Oils, how easily and beautifully I was able to remove auto grease from my white shorts with Lemon Essential Oil.
I sprinkled Lemon Essential Oil on my fleece gloves, wiped it off and Viola! Black Tar instantly removed, simply and easily. Lemon Essential Oil also works well to remove ink even permanent ink like a "Sharpie".

If Lemon Essential Oil can safely and effectively remove Black Tar, a toxin, imagine if you were to use Young Living Essential Oils daily in your life what it can do for your health and well-being.

To learn more send me an email.

Thank you.

Peace & Good Energy,


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Digestive aide for the Holidays!

Young Living Peppermint Oil is a wonderful digestive aide. Make sure you bring some your holiday parties.

A drop in water can help as you eat & drink to reduce tummy bloat. Making peppermint tea will warm you and settle a queasy stomach. Peppermint is also a wonderful soother for the sinuses.

Eat, drink and use your Young Living Essential Oils.

Not a member? Ask me how. I can help you get on your way to using Young Living's Essential Oils to enhance your well-being!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Anyone Can Claim Their Oils to Be "Therapeutic Grade" . . .

Anyone Can Claim Their Oils to Be "Therapeutic Grade" . . .
But Only Young Living Can Claim "Young Living Therapeutic Grade™"
by David Stewart, PhD

The term, "Therapeutic Grade," applied to essential oils was originally coined and defined by Gary Young and Young Living. Years ago some aromatherapists and competing companies criticized Young Living for using this term saying, "There is no such term." They were right in that no government or regulatory agency had defined the term, but Gary and Young Living did define it. You can use any word or term you like so long as you define what you mean by it.

You will find "Therapeutic Grade" defined, not only in Young Living literature, but also in CARE Publications such as "Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique," "Healing Oils of the Bible," and "The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple." Since Young Living adopted the term and defined it, after first criticizing Young Living for using it, many companies are now using it for their own oils without defining what they mean by the word, thus implying that their oils are "just as good as Young Living's oils." That is why Young Living has modified and Trade Marked the statement that YL oils are "Young Living Therapeutic Grade Oils™" No one but Young Living can use that phrase to describe their essential oils.

Whereas meeting standards like those of the French AFNOR (Association Francaise de Normalization) or the ISO (International Standards Organization), ISO and AFNOR only consider whether an oil has sufficient percents of the main compounds to legally claim it to be the species on the label. For example, if an oil contains enough menthol, you can legally sell it as "peppermint" when, in fact, there may be no actual peppermint plant oil present whatsoever. Hence, an aromatic oil can be 80-100% synthetic and meet AFNOR/ISO standards. AFNOR/ISO only takes into account the end product by testing for the percents of a few compounds that account for flavor and/or aroma. These standards do not take into account the manner by which the oil was obtained nor whether any of the healing compounds are present. In fact, the compounds responsible for healing can all be absent and an oil can still meet AFNOR/ISO standards, which may be adequate for perfumes and flavors, but totally ineffective for healing.

By contrast, Young Living's "Therapeutic Grade" standard takes into account everything from planting the seed to marketing the oil. With Young Living, "Therapeutic Grade" means there has been verification of the correct species when the seed was planted, the purity and manner of cultivation (no chemicals or nearby pollution, etc.), the proper time of harvest to optimize the healing properties in the oil, the proper manner of distillation to capture all of the therapeutic compounds, the right chemical composition as determined by sophisticated laboratory tests, and the purity of the packaging--i.e. nothing added, nothing taken away, stored in light-protected containers (amber or blue bottles) of glass, ceramic, Teflon, or stainless steel, and kept in a suitable environment of appropriate temperatures. All of this is taken into account with Young Living's definition of "Therapeutic Grade." No other company maintains or can claim such a standard, even though they may use the word.

When people come to you saying they have found "cheaper oils that are just as good," ask if they know how the plants were grown, cultivated, harvested, distilled, tested, and packaged and if a true "therapeutic" standard was held and maintained throughout the process. You won't find another company that maintains such meticulous standards from "seed to seal" as does Young Living. Gary Young and Young Living stand alone in the world of essential oils in measuring up to such standards. You can visit the Young Living farms, distilleries, laboratories, and packaging facilities to verify these standards for yourself. Anyone can. Is this possible with any other company?

The following article can be found at

There are so many competing essential oil companies these days, as Young Living Distributors you need to know how to explain to people how Young Living oils are different than any other brand and have superior attributes that no other brand can rightfully claim. Most companies claim that their oils are "100% pure, Therapeutic Grade, Organically grown, etc." But most of the time their claims and labels are misleading and do not fulfil the standards they claim.

One thing we all know: Young Living oils work and do so reliably year after year. So how do we convey to others, who have heard claims of other companies, that our oils are the best and have no equal? The following article may help. It breaks down the key qualities of Young Living oils into four "Ps" which are easy to remember and present.

They are 1. Plants, 2. Preparation, 3. Purity, and 4. Potentcy. You might also visit the archives of The Raindrop Messenger and read the first two articles in the July-August 2008 issue, Vol 6 No 4.

Factors that Make YL Oils a Cut Above All Others
The process Young Living uses when planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling a batch of oil is crucial to retaining its vital compounds. Without the exact blend of naturally-occurring plant chemicals, an essential oil can lose its beneficial properties and fail to produce the desired effect.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) means that every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. Young Living is able to make this assertion because of our strict cultivation process—illustrated by the Four Ps—that guarantees the optimal potency of every Young Living essential oil.

An oil's potency can be affected not only by selecting the proper plant to cultivate, but also by where the plant is grown, the quality of soil in which the seed is planted, and even the time of day it's harvested.
Young Living has extensive experience selecting the correct species of plant for desired oil potency, planting under optimal conditions, using ideal soil and natural methods to encourage growth, and knowing the precise time to harvest each crop. Only those plants that produce the most active and widest array of therapeutic compounds are selected.

Once the optimal soil, plant, cultivation, and harvesting conditions have been adhered to, the plants must be distilled properly in order to meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards. Young Living uses a gentle, proprietary technique for steam-extracting the most potent essential oils, which remains unmatched throughout the essential oils industry.

To meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade distillation standards proper temperature must be maintained throughout the distillation process, and pressure, length of time, equipment, and batch size are strictly monitored.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards prohibit the acceptance of any diluted, cut or adulterated oils. Every product Young Living produces—essential oils, oil blends, nutritional supplements, or personal care—meets strict purity standards.

Every batch of essential oils is subjected to rigorous, state-of-the-art analysis at the Young Living chemistry lab. Using some of the most advanced equipment in the world, our scientists subject every batch of essential oils to Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer testing, and heavy metals analysis. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint of possible adulteration or tampering are rejected.

The culmination of the preceding three stages, Potency means that the naturally occurring compounds contained in each essential oil product are of the highest and most consistent bioactive levels. Without strict adherence to the Young Living Therapeutic Grade standard in the Plant, Preparation, and Purity phases, the final product would not have the necessary potency to create the desired effect.